Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Room 16 working on their art with Mrs. Moyle. Mrs. Moyle visits our class every Tuesday and the children have been learning to create vivid and dye pictures using patterning designs from their personal pattern 'bank'.

Mrs. Moyle showing Nandhini a new technique.

Tai and Breeze focused on their work.

Great patterning by Alice.

Stunning work by Manasa and Zac, almost done!

Nicole's beautiful artwork! Great contrast between the hot and cold colours :)

That is one well-drawn bird Diya! Well done!

 This is looking great!

Nandhini with her beautiful smile enjoying her art lesson.

Austin and Manasa working hard as usual!

Veronica is also hard at work!

Some beautiful pieces of art by Room 16! Just look at those awesome colours :) Great colours by Veronica and Chelsea

Magnificent work by Eesha, such detail!

Awesome work Ezra, you're a star!

Even Miss Kim had a go!

Caitlin's great artwork, isn't it lovely and colourful?!

Miss Kim with Connor, Caitlin, and Ezra :)

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  1. What beautiful art work Room 16. You are so lucky to have the talented Mrs Moyle helping you. It really looks amazing!