Monday, 3 November 2014

Capacity lesson

We were given 2 containers each.
We had to fill one with water.

Then we had to ESTIMATE how much water was in the container.
Then Miss S asked us to measure the ACTUAL amount of water in our container.
                                                                    Veronica and Justin are such hard working buddies.
We had to write our ESTIMATION on our sheet of paper.
We had to pour the water in very carefully to measure the correct amount.

We all had different stations 

Addison and Eloise are recording their results on their worksheet.

When Miss S. played a tune on the xylophone we had to choose another container.
We had to fill our container and do an estimation and actual measurement again.

Lots of thinking going on!

Nathanael and Jaykuzz are working very well together.
Great concentration boys as you do your recording on your worksheet.