Friday, 31 October 2014

Diwali Whanau Time

Today Room 16 helped lead the Whanau Time in the Hall.  Room 15 and 28 helped us.  Breeze and Ezra fronted the Whanau Time and did the introductions and crowd control.  Eesha read a Diwali poem.  Nandhini spoke about our Diwali Inquiry.  We then showed our pinch pots and clay elephants.
Mrs D'Lima was kind enough to organise The Indian Dancers to perform an item too.

Nandhini and Eesha, you spoke so clearly.   Well done!

Ezra and Breeze you led our Whanau Time so well.!
I was very proud of you both.

Thankyou so much to Mrs.D'Lima and her dance group.
You did an outstanding performance again.
Happy Diwali

You all look so beautiful!

Caitlin, this is such a beautiful photograph.
You look so pretty Chelsea

We had so much fun dressing up for our Diwali assembly.

What a beautiful photo of 3 glamorous girls.