Friday, 17 April 2015



What were some of the exciting things you did in Term 1?

Beach trip - Kingston, Charlie

Skateboarding - Selina, Ben

Refuse Centre trip - Ayaan, Charlie,

Science - making crystals - Arjun, Georgia, Ella, Ayaan

Doing my Autobiography - Andrey

Basketball Team - Ben

Wheels Day - Hannah, Charlie,

Enviro week making our Tiles - Shania,

French Class - Erfan,

What was the most challenging thing in Term 1?

Making my Grid for my Dr Seuss character on the Tile.- Kingston, Charlie
Spelling Tests - Brandon
Skateboarding - Ayaan, Arjun, Georgia,
Doing our Tile Art - Shania
My Autobiography- Ella,

We have a kindness board in our class:
These are some of the kind  Bucket Filling things we have done in our class this Term:

Helping a friend when they were doing the skateboarding- Leah
Helping Brandon when he was doing his drawing on the Tile- Erfan
Being a kind friend to Kingston and Caden and bringing them to the recovery room when they got hurt - Charlie
Helping someone who had no one to play with - Kingston
When someone was crying on the Friendship Chair  I went up to her and I asked her to play with me and she said Yes  - Shania
I helped a little girl who had fallen down and grazed her ankle and her knee- Georgia.
I helped Mrs. M.R, in the classroom before school- Hannah, Ella, Krisha, Selina.

We have had a wonderful Term 1 and look forward to Term 2 :) See you on Monday.