Monday, 9 June 2014

Week 6

Hi Parents,
Just a quick note to remind you to make sure that you book your times for the Conferences.  These are held in Week 8, on Wednesday and Thursday.  Mrs M.R and I cherish every opportunity to meet with the parents of our gorgeous kids!
We are on the downhill slide towards the School Holidays.  Lets hope the kids stay healthy!!!!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Room 16 had an awesome time during their trip to the Zoo and did lots of White Hat thinking!

MANY THANKS to the Parent helpers, Lee (Kalanei's Gran), Arynita (Eesha's Mum), Lisa (Connor's Mum), Brenda (Manasa's Mum) and last but not least, Paras (Nandhini's Dad). We really appreciated your help! - From Room 16 and Mrs. M.R.

First of all Laura, the Educator, took us to the tiger enclosure. It was difficult to see the tiger as he was camouflaged in the background. 

Manasa and his mum Brenda looking lovely at the Zoo!

Kalanei and Ezra having fun riding the elephant statue by the elephant house :)

Here we are in the Education Room with the fabulous educator, Laura. She taught us lots of White Hat thinking facts about the Zoo animals and how they adapt to their environment.

Nathanael, Annabel, Yauola, Zac, Veronica and Connor are enjoying having their photo taken on the elephant statue by the elephant house. 

Here is a photo of the kids on the playground. Guess what it is!!

We have seen most of the animals now and here we are looking rather tired towards the end of the day.