Monday, 2 March 2015


We had so much fun dressing up as lots of Dr Seuss' friends.

Isabella with her mum Tracey

Selina and her Mum.
Selina used her Green Hat thinking and made her hat and hair.
Impressive Selina!

Ayaan's Grandma tried Ayaan's hat on.

Mrs Aalbers looks so lovely as Cat in the Hat.

Georgias Auntie came to see us at school today.
Thanks for coming along as we loved meeting you and you were very helpful.

Georgias Mum made 3 different kinds of yummy scrummy cup cakes.

                                                          Truffula tree cup cakes.

Cat in the Hat cupcakes.

We loved our Dr Seuss cupcake party.

Amelia was a great Thing 1

Leah thoroughly enjoyed being Cat in the Hat

Ayaan looking very smart indeed.

Georgia looked great as Thing 2

Cheyanne also looks so cute as Thing 2

What a pose!

Ella showing her claws!!

Krisha also posing!

Looking good Cyntalia 

Lots of Dr Seuss' friends in our classroom today.

Luke's wee sister came to visit us.

What a smart looking cat in the Hat you were Ben

Thanks Monique for coming along for the morning.

                                                  Thing 1 and Thing 2 are such great friends:)
                                                          I do love the different style of wig.
Charlie wore Caden's hat

                                                             Caden was very, very creative!

Shania looked very pretty as an all in red Thing 2

Paige was Lucy.
You look just great Lucy :)

This is Caden's wee sister.
She made her own Cati n the Hat hat.
I really liked it ! Clever girl.

Ricco T looked very smart with his long blue wig.
You are so good at doing dress up Ricco :)

Lincoln really enjoyed dressing up !
Very smart Lincoln:)

Just look at these very creative cupcakes.

Kingston has a beaming smile..
Very handsome Cat in the Hat .

      Mrs M.R. was Thing 102 and Mrs Taylor was
a fish from the book One Fish Two Fish .

Wow Mrs Southgate!
Ten apples up on Top :)  so clever

We all gathered together in the hall for a Dr Seuss parade.

                                           WE ALL HAD SUCH A HAPPY AND FUN DAY :)
                                                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR.SEUSS.