Friday, 4 July 2014

Today was the last day of Term 2 and the whole school dressed up as their favourite book character. 
We all looked fabulous. It was an awesome, fun day! 

Here we are in our different costumes!

   THING 1 and THING 2   
They are great friends and are looking very colourful!
We were so lucky that Miss Kim came back to see us today... Thank you Miss Kim. 
She looked a cool Thing 2!

  Can you guess who this is?

Eesha, you are a fantastic Hermione!

 Can you guess who that is in the Darth costume?? All hand painted on as well!

The prettiest Minnie Mouse I've ever seen.

Here are Alice and Kalanei in their awesome costumes!

How awesome do these three characters look!

                                                      Ezra, you look fabulous as Max!

  Wow!  Annabel 'Thing 2'

Miss Kim is reading a Dr. Suess book to us.

                                                   Nandhini is so happy to be Thing 1..

                                                 Connor, you were an excellent  'Cat in the Hat!'

                                                     Who is hiding in this costume?

                                                    You make a great Hermione Eesha

                                                        Who is this character?

                                                       Handsome Yauola!

                                                        And who is this?

                                                       Cruz, you look so like Harry Potter!

                                                            Mrs. M.R. was Thing 1.
                                                    She found her friend 'Cat in the Hat'

                                                    Who is inside this awesome costume?

The Cat in the Hat is back!

                                                        Wow! Such a handsome Mario!

                                                      You suit being a policeman Nathanael :)

Can you guess who Chelsea is?

                                                       Who is this super looking guy?

                                                      And who do you think this is?

                                                    What a sharp nose you've got, Witch Caitlin.

                                                    Alice the beautiful Rainbow Princess.

                                Breeze in her butterfly costume from The Butterfly Garden Book

                                                Symphony, the Witch from the Cherry Tree

                                                               What a pretty Princess

What a book worm!!

                                                            Veronica being a Busy Bee.

                                                          What a colourful Princess!

We wish you all the very best for a safe and enjoyable family holiday :)

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Nandhini was the' Apple of our Eye' this week.

                                   Nandhini brought in a variety of her favourite belongings.
                                                         Nandhini loves to dress up!
                                                   Nandhini's favourite hobby is to cook.
                                Here she is dressed in her apron and she is holding her favourite cookbook.