Monday, 27 July 2015

Football.......We had our first lesson today :)

We had lots of fun and we look forward to next week's lesson :)

Aryun is the Apple of our Eye this week :)

You can cook for me anytime Aryun :) Most impressive !

This is very clever Aryun:)

What an interesting boy you are Aryun:)
You have lots of interests:) 

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Our 1st Gymnastics lesson :)

We talked about the safety rules for when we do Gymnastics.

Mr Groen showed us how to do the activities.
We had to take care and do them properly without hurting ourselves.

Mr Groen showed us how to balance using our hands outstretched.

  We had to tuck our heads in underneath.

Brandon walked very carefully when he went backwards across the beam:)

Thankyou Mr Groen, we had such a great 1st lesson of Gymnastics :)

Apple of our Eye Week 1

Hannah was the Apple of our Eye for Week1 

She shared her lamb cushion and her Pukemon CD.

She really enjoyed sharing her cat Baby Boy' with the class.
Baby Boy was a stray cat.....
He has been so lucky to have Hannah as his owner now :)

       Thankyou Hannah and her Mum Nikki for bringing Baby Boy into school.
          We asked lots of questions and some children shared comments.


We shared a Highlight time from our holidays with the class.
Here are some of them.
                     Ella went to Australia and she bought all these wonderful items with her own money:)
Proud of you Ella :)

Amelia bought all these dolls from 'Inside Out' with her own money:)

Amelia has been busy writing her own books at home.
Such a lot of hard work Amelia :)

Amelia has been making an imaginary person.
Class Room 16 are making some with Amelia:)

                  Mrs. M.R. was given a gift of this Leprachaun Mickey Mouse from Orlando,America.