Tuesday, 20 May 2014

What a Surprise!

Today was my last Tuesday in School for the next 5 weeks as I will be away for my second practicum. To my surprise, Room 16 had prepared a special song for me to say goodbye for the 5 weeks and to wish me luck at the new school.

Thank you so much Room 16! You will be missed dearly, but we will see each other very soon!! I look forward to it already. Be good, keep smiling, and stay safe. See you all in Week 9 :)

Handwriting in Class

In Room 16, everyone works so hard when doing their handwriting practice! Today, the students focused on the letter 'U', making sure that their spacing between words and writing form were appropriate and neat. 

If a student receives 10 stickers from Mrs. M-R, they are allowed to go on "Handwriting Holiday" where they are given free time during the handwriting lesson to do as they please. Once they have had their holiday, they must earn another 10 stickers before they can receive another handwriting holiday. 

Great work today Room 16 :) It is great seeing how much your handwriting skills have developed over the time I have spent with you all. I look forward to seeing your ongoing progress!

Homework Challenges

Room 16 have started bringing in some Homework Challenges!

Kalanei, Eesha, Nicole, and Alice shared theirs at the Middle School Assembly on Friday. They were all of high standard and were great examples for the rest of the Middle school syndicate. Well done Room 16, we are very impressed with your efforts :)