Saturday, 15 November 2014

Cultural festival day at Corbans Art Centre.

On Wednesday morning the Kapa haka group 
and the Indian groups went to perform at the 
Corban Arts centre.

   Breeze from Room 16 went to represent our class and the school.
She looked amazing!
We were very proud of her.

This is Breeze performing with her group at Corbans.

This is the boys' Kapa haka group performing
Little Noah from Room 28 was amazing!

Mrs. D'Lima with her cute little Indian group.
They were also stunning on the stage!

I was so proud of them all..

Taniwha Art


             WALT create a Taniwha jigsaw.
     Each child got a separate small picture tile of         the Taniwha picture to replicate on to a bigger        square. They used pastels to create bright, bold                                     images.
 When we had finished our separate pictures, we 
 put all the pieces together to complete the jigsaw.

                             Here it is!  Our finished Taniwha jigsaw! 
                                 It is amazing!   Isn't it!!! So brightly coloured!
                             EXCELLENT JOB Miss S and Room 16 

Room 16's Taniwha Jigsaw!

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 Here is our original Taniwha picture.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Making crystals with Miss S

On Friday Miss S did another Science lesson with us.
This time we made crystals using Borax.
Have a look at our crystals..... We were very clever don't you think ?

Hope you enjoyed looking at our crystals :) :)
We have really enjoyed your Science experiments Miss S.
Thankyou from Room 16

Athletics Day

Athletics day was so much fun.    
We had so many different sports activities.... Javelin, High Jump, Long Jump,
Agility race, Shotput, 60m run 100m  run and 400m run.
Mrs. M.R. and Miss S were doing the sport called Javelin.
Room 16 enjoyed this sport.
Everyone tried their very best at Athletics and Miss S and I were very proud of you

Go Breeze and Caitlin :

Austin and Cruz are ready to Aim and Throw!

   Cruz came 1 st in a running race and then
 came 2 nd in another running race.

Mr Groen was in charge of the Fun Games

                                                           Fun at the Athletics day!

Kalanei is focussing on aiming correctly when doing Javelin.

Go Alice and Nicole :)

Ezra came 2nd in Discus, and 3rd in Shotput as well!
"Ready! Set! Go!" said Mrs Lupe-Houben
and the race is about to begin!

Ezra  came 1st in 2 of his running races
and the Agility run! Wow!

Mr.Baker and Ms. Leader were doing the High Jump.

Ezra came 3rd in Javelin

Chelsea and Miss. S had very chic looking matching sunhats :)
                                   Thankyou Miss S for helping us so much on Athletics Day :) :)