Friday, 21 August 2015


                            WEEK 3 and until the end of Term

                             EGG SITTING CHALLENGE -  Keeping Ourselves Safe.

                              As part of our KOS Inquiry, we decided to become parents of an Egg.
                              The aim of this activity was to learn to look after themselves
                               and other people.

                               Some students even created amazing and original houses for their
                               eggs, using recycled materials.  Very impressive children:)

                               I will post photos on Monday.

                               Thankyou parents for your ongoing support.

Report writing this week - CAUSE and EFFECT

                                   WRITING   week 5

                                  This week we have been watching the film PLASTIC OCEANS.
                                 The information we have taken notes on from this film are going to
                                  be used to  write a Cause and Effect report.

                                  Here is the film for you to view.
                                   This is an eye opener!

                                   Ask your child what they have learnt.

                                  I will be posting some of their work when completed:)


Wednesday, 19 August 2015