Tuesday, 9 December 2014


On Monday Room 16 and 9 awesome parents went to Titirangi school.
We met up with Mrs. M.R.s friend Mrs Sparey and her class.
We had a Child versus Wild day in the bush. 

The first thing we did was to make bandanas.
We had a long piece of material and we wrote our name and drew pictures on it.
We helped the younger children who are in Mrs. Sparey's class. 
We were all so focussed.
Zac said it was the best trip this year.

Veronica was head down the whole time.
She and Annabel loved this activity.

Here is Tia, Symphony's mum.
She has helped to tie Symphony and Breeze's bandana on their sunhats.

This is a child from Mrs. Sparey's class

Then we went into the bush and we had to create a shelter.
Here is Ms Head helping Prajay and Kalanei make their shelter using a tarpaulin.
                                 Thank you so much for coming on the trip with you today.
                                      Kalanei enjoyed it and you were such a great help!
                                    Thankyou MIss Head. We know you really enjoyed it!
We used the leaves and parts of the bush to make our shelter more decorative.

Tai and his Dad Derek had lots of fun together.

Eeshas mum, Ayunita, had lots of fun with her group and they made flower vases,
flower bouquets, able arrangements and much more.
They had a great day:)

Then we had bananas and chocolate cooked in tinfoil.

Nandhini had so much fun with her group:)
She loved her banana. She said it tasted like banana split!!

                                                               We also had sausages cooked on the bbq.  Yummy!!
Manasa and his Dad really enjoyed toasting marshmallows.
Some of our class had never done this before...oh what fun!
Caitlin really enjoyed doing this for the first time.
Finger licking good:)

"What a GREAT trip," said Caitlin.

           AND AYUNITA :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)     WE COULDN'T DO THIS WITHOUT YOU.
                                                   I KNOW YOU ENJOYED YOUR DAY:)