Friday, 28 November 2014

Maori with Whaea Trish

                                             We thoroughly enjoy Maori with Wheae Trish.
                                          We were learning about colours and shapes today.
                                              Chelsea has thought about the answer.

          Here we are choosing the right colour and shape
and say the Maori word.

Yaoula and Nicole are thinking very carefully about their choice.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Our adventure into the school bush

We went into the school bush with Room 14.

We had to work in pairs as we investigated the bush.

We showed our respect as we went around looking at all the plants and the trees.

There were many signs to tell us the names of the trees.
There were also lots of white hat thinking facts about the birds we can see in the bush.
THANKYOU ROOM 14 and 7.  You have made the bush a very inviting and interesting environment for us now.  We promise to respect and care for our bush at all times.

Pug dogs

Miss Kim and her friend Nick came to school yesterday and brought their Pug dogs
Miss Kim told us lots of White Hat thinking facts about dogs.

We used our very respectful manners as one of the dogs came to investigate and say hallo to us all.

We were very gentle.

Caitlin has found a friend.
The dog really liked her.
You are very gentle with the dog aren't you Caitlin.
The dog said hi to Caitlin by licking her face!  so much fun!

How cute is this?

Austin just loved meeting and making friends with the pug dogs.

You are very gentle Nathanael.

Thankyou Nick for coming into school and telling us your fun stories.
  Aryan is allergic to domestic animal fur so he observed from afar
and still enjoyed the fun and all the information. 

                                  THANKYOU SO MUCH MISS KIM AND NICK :) :)
                                        WE MISS YOU SO MUCH MISS KIM.