Wednesday, 6 May 2015


KIngston was the APPLE OF OUR EYE this week 

Kingston shared all his interesting things.
He likes to collect miniature toy cars and also SpongeBob Squarepants:)

        KIngston enjoys to play rugby and showed us all his medals and his cup that he won for PLAYER OF THE DAY :)
We enjoyed hearing about your personal interesting items Kingston:)


We did a 2 week Inquiry about ANZAC DAY:)
As our IGNITION we watched BRAINPOP which showed a video about ANZAC DAY and what it means.
As part of a homework challenge we had to create a poster about ANZAC DAY :)
                              Caleb told us lots of interesting facts about his families in the war time :)
                         Georgia used her GREEN hat thinking to create this awesome ANZAC wreath:)
                          Luke's Grandma sent us these fabulous photos of Great Grandad Gerald who fought in the 1st world War.
                              Fantastic Grandma   Thankyou so much :) Luke was very proud to share                                                             these with the class.

                          All the medals and interesting information was brought in to share with the class by                                    Georgia :)  THANKS SO MUCH GEORGIA.

Mrs. M.R. found this very lovely biscuit tin with ANZAC theme on the front.
                We made ANZAC biscuits and put them in the tin JUST like the girlfriends and mums of the soldiers would have             done when they sent them off to the warfields. The tins kept the cookies fresh as the tin was airtight.

                As a CULMINATING TASK we each made a Poppy brooch to wear on ANZAC DAY.
                            Don't they look GREAT!! We attached a small safety pin to our brooch:)