Friday, 28 March 2014

Week 9

As the weather is cooling down we have decided that there will be no more swimming this term.  We will now be doing a sport rotation on a Thursday afternoon.  The focus for this will be bat and ball skills.
We are doing lots of great learning at the moment.  The kids are working hard every day.  Mrs M.R and I are so pleased in particular with their efforts in Procedural Writing.  Also the improvements in Reading with lots of children moving up reading levels.
Don't forget to bring Poem Folders and Home Learning books every Monday.
We are encouraging the children to choose their library books very carefully.  They are allowed to take one book home for reading at night.  The other book is to be kept in their tote trays to have a substantial book to read during SSR.
There will be a Middle School Assembly at 10.45 on Friday.
Oh yes, one final reminder.....don't forget to visit as a tool to help with spelling words!
See you next week!
Mrs M.R and Mrs Greenhalgh

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