Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Room 16's Science Experiment on Sound with Miss Kim

Today, Miss Kim taught Room 16 about the Properties of Sound. We explored how sound is created, how it is heard, what the definitions of pitch and volume are, and how pitch can be changed. 

First, we started by having a discussion about what we already knew about sound, brainstorming ideas about pitch, volume, how sound is carried, and what vibrations are. Then we did some inquiry on sound and watched a quick BrainPOP video on the science of sound.

Next, we got to do an experiment called 'Musical Glasses' where we placed differing 
amounts of water into glasses and played them with a metal spoon to test their pitch. 

We then recorded the data we found and made conclusions as to which glass had 
the highest and lowest pitch, and how we could change the pitch of the glass.
We found out that the glass with the least amount of water made a higher pitched sound 
than the glass with the most amount of water. 

 We even had to do a quick 10 multi-choice quiz at the end to see how much we had learned 
from Miss Kim's science class! We had so much fun making music with the glasses 
and learning about the science of sounds! Thank you Miss Kim! :)

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