Monday, 22 September 2014

Still life Art

On Monday we had lots of vegetation in our room.
We had a variety of plants and leaves from the bush.

                                         We observed the shape and the texture of the leaves.


                                       Then using a pencil we had to draw the leaf we had chosen.
                                          Ms. France said to hold the pencil loosely and let the
                                                  pencil 'whisper' on the paper.
                                              This meant that we drew lightly on the paper.

                                  When we had drawn the leaves we used a piece of bamboo
                                            and indian ink to draw around the leaves.

                                                            Our leaves look amazing!

                                               We had to apply the Indian ink very carefully.

                                                            This was such enjoyable work.
                                  The next time Ms France comes in we will be using a variety of
                                                shades of dyes to enhance our leaves with colour.                  

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