Monday, 22 September 2014

A big surprise for Room 16 this morning!

                    Miss Kim came to see us in class today.
                 She read us some of her new favourite books.                            
Our favourite one was about Little Red Riding                                                    Hood and the Wolf.

             It was a different version to the original story.

             Next Term we are doing Narrative writing and 
               we will be reading different versions of Fairy Tales. 
                      Just before she left Miss Kim gave each of us a Gingerbread man.                
                                                                 Oh so delicious!


                                 We thought the Gingerbread man or woman was so yummy!

                                                                 Thank you Miss Kim.
                                                     We love you coming into our classroom:)  :)
                                                    We look forward to your next visit and we are
                                                    very excited that you are going to be our Pen Pal:)

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