Tuesday, 12 August 2014


                                   On Sunday, 10th August , it was a special Indian celebration,
                                                       called Raksha Bandhan.
                                  Raksha Bandhan is a special day for Indian brothers and sisters.
                        We are very lucky to have 6 beautiful Indian children in our class this year.
                                         Nandhini, Eesha, Diya, Aryan, Prajay and Armaan.
                                They are all from Fiji, except for Armaan who is from India.
                               On this special day, the sister ties a string band on her brother's right wrist.
                                                            This band is called a rakhi.
                                    Then the brother promises to take care of his sister and gives her a gift
                                          of Indian sweets, a gift of money or a gift of clothing.
                                                     Here is Armaan with his rakhi on his right wrist.
                                                    It is very beautiful with some beads in the centre.
                                                            Aryan is showing us his rakhi.
                                              He doesn't have a sister so his girl cousin has sent him a rakhi
                                      and she has also sent him a Raksha Bandhan card because she lives                                                                         overseas.
                                  Nandhini tied a rakhi on her wee baby brother.  He didn't want to wear it.
                                                           Eesha tied one on her cousin.
                               We decided to make our own rakhis. We called them friendship
                                bracelets. We used 3 different colours of wool and plaited them.
                              Annabel was an expert at plaiting and she loved helping Alice.
                                                            Thank you Annabel.
                                                    Eesha and Nicole were experts also!

                              So much fun and here are Eesha's and Nicole's rakhis or friendship

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