Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Commonwealth Constructions

Today it was Room 16's turn to research and create a Commonwealth Games stadium.  Our first task was to research images of a chosen sport and mark them up with labels.

(See full slideshow below.)

Next the children worked in teams to construct a stadium venue. It had to contain features they found in their photographs.  As well as the stadium there had to be some kind of connection to other structures - a road, railway, bridge or tunnel.

See all groups in slideshow below.

Each child chose their sport and group members. The "world" was created in advance and a "host"   (i.e. a responsible child familiar with minecraft)  appointed by the teacher. Their job was to manage the team members' construction projects within the "world".

See slideshow of all the stadium constructions below.

There were just a few rules. No sporting events were to be duplicated within a world; no Minecraft weapons were to be drawn (unless an indigenous animal indigenous to the world strayed onto the building site and endangered competitors, officials or media commentators).

Other rules were  too tantalising to leave alone: no spawning unfriendly creatures, no blowing up what other teams were creating, no spawning villagers. (You have to know minecraft to know how disruptive extra villagers can be, let alone the odd stray Endoman.

This project involved (among key skills) measurement, design, incorporating the research data into the final construction.

The class was given a set of Success Criteria. And they were away.


  1. Ezra came home buzzing after this session. He was really keen to discuss his creations with us and learnt a lot. Sounds like a really fun learning day!

  2. Hi Mrs.Sullivan

    I totally agree!

    I came back into the classroom in the afternoon and you could have heard a pin drop! Everyone was totally engaged! Mr.Mc Lay asked Ezra to be one of his experts, so Ezra was more than happy:) Room 16 children are so lucky because they are having ICT AGAIN next week on Friday, because our ICT day had to be swopped. How lucky is that?

    Thankyou SO much Mr. Mc Lay for all your dedication. We really appreciate it. :):)

  3. Awesome, Chelsea loved doing this and chatted away last night about her work and what others in the class had created. Great fun learning!