Friday, 9 May 2014

Room 16's Assembly Item with Room 28

Today for assembly, Room 16 and Room 28 shared a few items with the school. 

Room 16 were busy during the week assembling their "thinking hats" and reasoning behind which thinking hat best reflected their personalities. Room 28 painted some trees to show the falling of the autumn leaves, along with a beautiful song and choreographed actions that they shared during assembly.

We were all very lucky to hear Nicole play us a piece on the keyboard. Nicole you are so talented and special, thank you for your beautiful piano piece!

Lucky last, I was able to lead Room 16 in the Korean Strawberry Counting game. Well done everyone!  There was such great concentration and focus, you did a great job :) 

Well done Room 16 and Room 28! We are so proud of you!! 


  1. I was very proud of you all Room 16 and Room 28 at our assembly on Friday. Room 16, you all remembered to project your voices and we could hear you so clearly. WELL DONE! Room 28 we loved your Autumnal action song and paintings. Room 16 were awesome buddies and enjoyed supporting you with your singing.

  2. I absolutely loved your assembly Room 16 & 28. Fantastic items. You are very talented Nicole. Love from Miss Head :)

  3. Well done Room 16, a wonderful assembly :)