Thursday, 12 March 2015

We had our trip to the Refuse Centre today...we learnt so much.

We had to wear our safety gear.

What an awesome class....full of excitement and enthusiasm !

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A pretend cow made out of rubbish bins

M. tea time.

Looking at the worm farm.

Having fun at the worm farm.
We used a magnifying glass to observe the movements of the Tiger worm.Add caption

We saw lots of recycled things.. golf clubs, crutches,
old spades and lots of other things.

             In the education room... the children definitely had their thinking hats on and
 answered lots of questions and shared many interesting facts.

       We had to use our Mathematical brains and predict the
weight of the rubbish bag.

                                                          What an awesome trip.
                                          THANKS SOOO MUCH to our wonderful parents
                                             Ben's Mum,Monique, Luke's Mum,Wendy
                           Ricco T's, Mum Chrystal, Rico F's Mum, Sheila and Kingston's Mum.
                                                        REALLY appreciated your help.


  1. what an awesome trip Room 16 - Leah came back with some amazing facts like
    1. It cost money to dump off your rubbish at the dump but it's free to collect things from the Dump.
    2. They make something called a landfill by digging a big hole and fill it up with rubbish and cover it up.
    But one day we will be running out of space for these landfills so we should be recycling and reusing our things and not buy things that we don't need.
    - LEAH'S Feedback Comments.

  2. OH WOW Leah! These are AWESOME White Hat Thinking facts. I am very proud of your excellent listening skills. Mrs.M.R.