Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Lorax - Thinking Hats ' Bus stop ' rotation activity.

             Room 16 watched the Lorax movie  as we are going on the trip to the Refuse centre.
                                   The Lorax book is all about Caring for our Environment.
                                         In our class today we did a Bus Stop activity.
                                        We used the 6 Thinking Hats to help us do our thinking.
                                            We had to move around the different hats and
                                    we all had to write a comment about the Lorax book on the hats.
                                      At the Blue thinking hat we had to think of what we
                                     could do in our family or at school to protect the environment.
                                        At the Red hat 'bus stop ' we had to think about how
                                                    the Lorax felt about the Once-ler.

                                      At the Yellow hat we had to think about the good
                                                       things that happen in the Lorax.

                                  The children had to think of a different ending to the Lorax.
                                                            This was the Green Hat.
                                           We had to write some facts about the book when we
                                                            did White Hat thinking.

                                               The last Bus Stop was the Black Hat thinking.
                                           We had to think of some of the problems in the Lorax story.

                                               Wow! we thoroughly enjoyed this Bus Stop activity.
                                                    There was a lot of thinking going on!

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