Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Our AWESOME Whanau time on Friday.

Treena, Ella's Mum helped so much and put face paint on everyone.
A fabulous job! Thankyou

So many wonderful Mum helpers.
They were painting, cutting, sellotaping and just being wonderful!!
Thankyou Georgia's mum and Andrey's Mum.

Ben's Mum Monique

Ayaan's Grandma helped with Ayaan's hat.

Lots of laughter and fun!

Such a cute Cat in the Hat:)

We loved being Cats in the Hats!

Andrey's Grandad came and took lots of photos.
Grandad is here on holiday from Russia.

Andrey's Mum is waiting patiently.

We are singing our hearts out!

We really love singing our Cat in the Hat song.

Rico's AWESOME hat that he made with his family.

We made our hats in the classroom.

Leah and her mum Mrs D'Lima

Ella with her Mum and her Grandma,

Georgia and her Mum.

Thats a BIG hug for Dad Brandon :)

Handsome Erfan

Handsome Kingston and his Mum.
                                          Some of our class used our Green Hat thinking
                                       and designed their own Dr Seuss hats .. They did a wonderful job!

     Leah created her hat with a yellow plastic plate as a base
   for the Dr Seuss hat.
Clever thinking Leah!

Rico Fernandez designed this amazing hat!!
Very impressive Rico!

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