Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Ms Hogan came to visit us in Room 16 with her wee leprachauns from her class.
We love Ms.Hogan coming to visit us:)

Her student came also.

Rooms 16 and Room 3 , you look awesome!
 A sea of GREEN!!

Our student in Room 16 and Caden's Dad.

Thankyou for helping us all day Dad.

Whose feet do they belong to ??

Mrs. M.R. made a yummy M tea for the staff.  It was all green and Irish food.

We did St Patricks Day activities with Room 3 and 4.
Andrey was able to be his sisters buddy.

Arjun was able to be his little sister's buddy.
How special!

We iced our cupcakes with Green food colouring with Mrs. D Lima.

We made rainbow pictures with Ms Hogan and her student.

Ayaan carefully icing his cupcake!

Ben's Mum kindly came to help us. Her little daughter Isla had a sleep!
THANKS SO MUCH FOR HELPING US Monique:)   Wendy came also   thanks ladies.

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