Thursday, 19 February 2015

Our 2nd skateboarding lesson

                                    Our skateboard instructor is called Aidan 

                                                   He asked us to put on our safety gear.
                                           Amelia and Georgia are listening very carefully.
                                          We are getting much quicker at putting our gear on.
                                     Here is Hannah looking rather smart with all her gear on!
                                          We are getting ready to get on our skateboards safely
                                                         with only one foot on the board.

Hannah has her 2 feet on the skateboard and is ready to go!

You have been so brave Hannah!
Well done
We all look so smart in our safety gear.
Aidan said we look like Ninja Turtles:)
                                    Arjun is showing Aidan that he is removing his gear carefully
                                          when we are finished our lesson. Well done Arjun.

                                      Room 16 thoroughly enjoy their skateboarding lessons.
                             They are all being so clever and are skateboarding very confidently.    

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  1. What an awesome lesson today Room 16.. you were all so brave!