Monday, 16 February 2015

The Apple of our Eye Booklet 

In Room 16 we have  'The Apple of our Eye'.
This is when a child chooses to be The Apple of our Eye for the week.
A girl can choose one week and then a boy until all the children 
have had a turn.  They bring in a collection of items about their interests and hobbies.
The class asks them 3 questions and makes 3 comments.
They also have an Apple of our Eye booklet and this is for the class to write in 
happy thoughts about the child.  This is our way of Filling our Buckets  
 The children love it :)

In Week 2 Our Apple of our Eye was Isabella.
This is when a child chooses to have a turn at bringing in a collection
 of things that shows his/her  interests and hobbies.
                                          They also have a booklet and in this booklet the class writes lots of positive and kind                                  comments about the person being the Apple of our Eye.
These are 'bucket filling' comments.

It is going to be Lincoln next week...

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