Tuesday, 21 October 2014


                                   Today we did a Science Experiment with our Grad student,
                                                         Miss Scrivener and Mrs.M.R.
                                                             We made Lava lamps.
                                 The children made predictions, conducted their experiments
                                       and proved themselves to be successful and correct.
                                  We made a reaction happen to create a Diwali light display.

                                     To make the Lava Lamps we had to follow a set of instructions
                                                                            very carefully.
                                              *The children had to get into 6 groups of 3-4 children.
                                              * Each group had to go to a station set up with :
                                                                       * a bottle
                                                                       * a funnel
                                                                       * water
                                                                       * Oil
                                                                       * food colouring

                                         We are waiting patiently at our stations and then
                                                    Miss. S. will give us our instructions.

                                      The children had to fill the bottle halfway with water.
We had to use a funnel to pour the water into the bottle.  
Nandhini has put the funnel in the bottle.

                                      Tai is doing a great job at filling the bottle halfway with water.
                                              Such concentration as he didn't even spill a drop!
                                   Next, we had to carefully fill up the bottle with 500ml  of oil.
                                                         Ezra is concentrating very hard!
                                                          What do you think is happening?
                                                      Did the oil and the water mix or react?

                                           Veronica is concentrating so hard and her helpers
                                             Melody and Annabel help hold the bottle.
                                      " Wow! Look what has happened!" exclaimed Yauola
                                                 The oil is sitting on the top of the water!

                                                    Next we had to add 5 drops of food colouring.
                                             We could choose from 3 colours red, blue and green.
                                                            Aryan has chosen to use green.
                                                              Wow!  thought Nicole!
                                                       Chelsea is being very observant.
                                         "What did you see happening, Chelsea?" asked Miss.S.

                                          Lastly, Justin is adding a piece of Alka Seltzer tablet.
                                        "What do you think will happen now?" asked Austin.

                                     When we mixed the alka seltzer we noticed that the water and
                                         the oil moved because we created a gas called carbon dioxide.
                                                    The gas is rising and takes the water with it.
                               Miss. S. told us that this is what happens when you open a coke bottle.
                                                               The gas in the bottle is released.

                                                Wow! that was such an interesting experiment!
                                                     We loved doing this and we look forward
                                                                     to doing some more.

                                         Thankyou Miss S.



  1. I loved doing science it was so fun can we do it again pretty please Miss S but thank you Miss S and Mrs MR from chelsea from room16 P.S I love science so much !

  2. Hi Chelsea

    We plan to do some more science really soon. Room 16 really enjoyed this today.