Friday, 24 October 2014


                                    Yesterday was Diwali

                                           Room 16 children are doing INQUIRY about
                                               Festivals and Celebrations this Term.
                                          We are studying Diwali as our celebration so we
                                              decided to have a DIWALI  DAY yesterday.
                                     Our Indian children dressed up in their traditional costumes.
                                        Nandhini is looking ever so pretty in her Salwaar Kameez.
                                          She is also wearing fancy sandals with glitter on the front.

                                          Aryan is looking very handsome in his Kurta Pyjama.
                                                Glamorous Eesha in her Salwaar Kameez
                                          and she is wearing her pretty necklace and earrings
                                                    Thankyou Prajay for dressing up...
                                             You look very stately in your gorgeous Indian costume.
                             Manasa wore his Indian shirt and his matching jacket with an Indian 
pattern on the sleeve...very smart looking.

                                      Tai wore his Indian clothes that his Dad bought him in India.
                                    Thanks so much for wearing your Kurta Pyjama today Tai.
                                           Your little sister looks so pretty in her sari also.
                                                  We had 4 rotations after Morning Tea.
                                          Eseha's mum very kindly made puris with the class.
                                           She also made potato curry to share with everyone.

                                       Puris are made from flour and water and mixed into a dough
                                  The children made these into a ball shape and then they used a
                                         rolling pin to roll them into a medium sized circle.
                                        Eesha's mum is cooking the puri in the hot oil.
                                         They will be ready for us to eat at lunch time.

                                       Another rotation was applying Henna on our hands or arms.
                                        Henna is a body paint which is used for special occasions
                                                    and celebrations.
                                          Here is Nandhini kindly putting a pattern on Alice's arm.

                                         Clever Nandhini! The pattern looks so beautifully done.

                                       Tai and Austin got their names written on their hands.

                                            Breeze got a very decorative flower on her hand.
                                             She had to wait patiently for it to dry.
                                        Another rotation was making clay elephants.
                                     We had to carefully make an elephant from one piece of clay
                                  We had to shape the body parts...NO pieces were allowed to be joined!  

                                              Miss S is giving us our instructions.
 We started with a round ball of clay.
 Here we are shaping the clay to the correct size before
we make our elephant.
              We are make the correct shape before we start making our elephants.
                                        Austin is carefully putting eyes on his elephant
                                        Here we are shaping the clay to the correct size before
                                           we start making our elephants.
                                    Another rotation was making Barfi which is an Indian
                                   sweet.  We cooked this with Eesha's auntie Gitisha.
                             Here we are in the kitchen waiting for it to cook in the microwave.
                                      Wow!  all cooked and cut into bite sizes for us to eat!
                                          It looks so good!  Thanks Gitisha:)
We were very relaxed when we were painting our Diva lamps

                                           Here we are enjoying our curry....Yummy!!!
                                          Alice looked so pretty in her big glittery bow!
                                       Thankyou for wearing this Alice. You love dress ups

                                  After lunch we joined with Rooms 8, 17 and 18 to create
                                      Rangoli patterns on the playground outside Room 16.
                                                  Here is Prajay with his pattern.
                                       They look amazing and they are symmetrical patterns.
We had such happy, fun day on Diwali Day.
                                               HAPPY DIWALI to all our Indian families.
                              THANKYOU so much to you all for your kind gifts of sweets and food.
                                             "Yummy'" said Mrs.M.R, Miss.S. and Room 16.

                                                   The  REFLECTION part of our Diwali Day.
We all did an Indian booklet about our Diwali rotations.


  1. We had such a fun day of learning about our Celebration Diwali Inquiry.

  2. Wowwwww!! The photos look amazing!! :) I wish I could have joined you for Diwali! I miss you all very much.

    - Miss Kim