Thursday, 25 September 2014


Yesterday the Juniors invited their Grandparents to come to school for the morning and share their work at school.

Our class decided to join them and some of our Grandparents were able to come and visit.

Here is Ezra with his Grandparents. They are his Dad's parents.
His Mum's parents are on a cruise so were unable to attend.
           Ezra enjoyed sharing his work in the classroom.
                     He was so happy to see them.  
             Then he went to the Grandparent concert with them.
             Thankyou Ezra's Grandparents for coming to visit us. 

                                        Here is Caitlin with her Granddad ( Mum's Dad)
                                Caitlin was very excited to share her art                                              with him.  She is very artistic!
                                      Thankyou for visiting us Grandad.
                    Tai's Grandparents came also and Alice's Pa.
                     They came and they stayed with the Juniors.

                          THANKYOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT                                                               GRANDPARENTS


  1. Thank you Mrs MR for inviting the Room 16 grandparents to visit. I hear they were very impressed with what they saw :)