Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Election Inquiry

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, Room 15 and 16 are working together on an Election Inquiry. This is to help the children understand the election process and why we elect our Government.

Room 7 helped us to start the Inquiry Process by inviting us to District 7. President Renner told us the rules of District 7 and how we needed to behave. This was very different to how we normally have to behave, and we found this quite hard.

Entering District 7 
The children had to sit in their own areas and were told exactly what to do by the "Enforers".

These are the rules of District 7. If you didn't follow the rules you were escorted to the Detention Area.


President Renner kept checking if we were following the instructions correctly.

Some people ended up in the Detention Area, sometimes even for no reasons at all.

After visiting District 7, we broke into groups and brainstormed what we already know about Elections and also what we would like to find out about the Elections. We already knew quite a lot of facts.

We then planned our own parties. We need to convince the members of Room 15 and 16 that our ideas are the best.

We split into like minded groups and developed our ideas. We used the ideas from our persuasive writing to write out the reasons and examples that our party came up with.

We then moved on to create our presentation back to the class.

Who would like to join the Teachers Party?

Tomorrow we will finish our presentation and vote on the best idea. We will finish the Inquiry by preparing graphs and comments on who won.

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