Thursday, 28 August 2014

Daily Five in Room 16

Here is how we learn during our Daily Five Reading Programme!!

First of all we choose three of these choices to do in Reading when we get to School.  If we are working with the teacher that day; then we only get to choose two options.
The options are: Read to Self, Word Work, Read to Someone, Work on Writing, Listen to Reading.
We rotate through these three options usually 20 minutes long for each option.

Here the Galilei Reading Group is at the teaching table ready to work with me.

Here Veronica is doing Listen to Reading.  
Caitlin is doing some Word Work on the whiteboards.
Manasa has chosen to do Work on Writing in his Journal Writing Book.
Ezra Has chosen a quiet place to Read to Self.
Tai is doing Work on Writing on the iPad.
Chelsea and Breeze are doing Word Work on the whiteboards.
Aryan and Cruz are doing Listen to Reading on the iPads in the background.

The Daily Five Programme works really in Room 16.  
The children's learning and knowledge is improving a lot in Literacy.


  1. Good morning Room 16 and Mrs. G.

    I totally agree with these comments about your engagement during Daily Five and when we had 2 teachers come to observe us this week they were more than impressed!
    You are a class of the most awesome enthusiastic children!

  2. Great job Room 16, Mrs G and Mrs MR! The Daily 5 is well and truly being embraced in your classroom :)

  3. Oh Room 16 I would love to come and see you immersed in your daily 5 programme. We do it slightly differently in Room 3 but we love it!
    Ms Hogan

  4. We' d love you to visit us and then we can come to you and see how you do it !

    have a happy day Ms. Hogan.