Thursday, 31 July 2014

Room 16 did some very exciting Artwork on Wednesday!

As part of our Art Inquiry we have been studying an artist called Henri Rousseau. 
He enjoys painting animals in their jungle habitat. Ms. France, ( Mrs. M.R.s friend) 
who is a local artist, kindly came to help us do block prints of our animals.

 Ms. France demonstrating our first process..

These are our Learning Intentions.

First we had to chose an animal to sketch and then we transferred this on to cardboard.  To create texture on our cardboard animal shapes we had to choose and apply a variety of materials e.g. sandpaper, string, buttons, wallpaper, gold/silver paper and several other choices.

Here is how effective they look.

Ezra's Red Panda

Cruz's roaring Rhino

Caitlin's big Bear

Diya' s leaping Lion

Kalanei's mischievous Spider Monkey

Nathanael's rhino

Prajay's Monkey

Heads down and hard at work... so enjoyable!

Such concentration!
   We can see Kalanei, Nathanael, Prajay and Eesha.

Look at all the detail on these sketchings.
Chelsea is very proud of her work. 

We had such a lot of fun learning several new processes.
       Here we can see Austin, Alice, Caitlin and Manasa enjoying their work.

We are busy adding colour to our sketchings. We used neocolour pastels.
The pastels blend together to create vibrant colours.

Rose (Yauola's mum), Lisa (Connor's mum) and Brenda (Manasa's mum)
kindly came to help us. They also enjoy doing Art.
Ezra and Nandhini hard at work!

We were very lucky that Mr.Ramadam came to visit us.
He wanted to observe and learn all these new techniques.

Another process we learnt was tracing over our cardboard shape
with 2 different coloured crayons and then applying dye.


Finally, we are applying the printing ink to our block cardboard shapes. We are using printing rollers.

Here are our animal prints.
 Don't they look FANTASTIC!
We are very proud of them :) :)

















                  This is  Manasa's finished work after he has added colour with the neo coloured pastels. So effective! I think his new name will have to be 'Manasa Rousseau!'

                       WE HAD SUCH A FUN DAY! WE LOVED DOING PRINTING :)


  1. Wow Room 16! I love your Art. Expect a visit from me sometime this week so you can tell me more about your art. Ms Hogan

  2. Thankyou Ms.Hogan. We'd love you to come and visit us and we can reflect on our work. We also love our frequent visits to your room.
    Thankyou for 'Filling our buckets! :)

  3. Wow Room 16! This is amazing artwork, I wish I could have been there to learn how to do these prints with you. You will have to teach me how next time :) Great work!

  4. We really missed having you with us, Miss Kim. We will enjoy reflecting with you when you come in again for a whole day.

    See you soon. We really look forward to your day visits.

    Love from Room 16 :) :)

  5. I love doing art with miss france