Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Here we are looking very colourful in our rainbow colours for Rainbow Colour Day!

Connor was very creative and decided to paint a rainbow on his cheeks, clever :)

... and guess who decided to wear rainbow coloured socks? 

We all looked very colourful didn't we, Room 16! :)


  1. Good afternoon Miss Kim:) We really appreciate you posting our photos on the blog.
    We look forward to seeing you very soon again
    Love and miss you lots,
    Room 16

  2. Room 16! I miss you all so much :) Thank you for your lovely comment, I look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces next Tuesday. Love Miss Kim

  3. You all look so gorgeous Room 16. What a great cause to support!!

  4. Everyone looks awesome in their rainbow colours .....by Chelsea

  5. You are all gorgeous colourful people Room 16 xx

  6. It was a wonderful day and you all looked so colourful :)