Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Room 16's Maths Strategies

Yay for Tuesdays!

I love coming in to see all the lovely students at Western Heights Primary on my Tuesdays in School and I'm super happy that I could spend some time working with Room 16 on their mathematical strategies.

Here, Eesha is working on her 9 times tables using the hand strategy I taught her. She folds back one finger at a time from 1 to 10 and using place value, counts her tens and ones to find the answers to her multiplication problem.

Chelsea is learning to use tidy numbers for 2 digit numbers. She is learning to use part-whole strategies so that she can solve BIG equations like 65 + 72! Well done, Chelsea :) 

I really enjoyed Mrs. M.R.'s Counting by 2's, 5's and 10's video! What a great way to learn how to count!

Justin and Veronica are working hard with their number line strategy where you have an equation like 9 + 5.  First, you must find the larger number, 9 on the number line and place a counter on the 9. Then, you must count on 5 from the counter. Then place your counter on the new number, 14. That is your answer! 

Great work Room 16. I'm so pleased with all of your effort and excitement with maths strategies! :)


  1. There is always an air of excitement in Room 16 as Tuesday approaches! Thank you Miss Kim for all your warmth and dedication towards Room 16 children. They thoroughly enjoy all the interactive books you share with them. When you first did the counting on Maths strategy with Justin and Veronica they asked to do Maths ALL day as they were so enthused. You are a real asset to Room 16 and we look forward to learning lots more with you all year! Mrs. M.R.

  2. wow lots of maths going on here and big numbers too! Chelsea looks forward to seeing you every Tuesday Miss Kim! (and of course Mrs M.R and Mrs G later in the week)

  3. Thanks for sharing Miss Kim. Room 16 are very fortunate to have you on Tuesdays. I know for a fact that Ezra is a big fan of yours and that you are going to be fantastic when you become a full time teacher!